For cats and the people who love them. Pewos was born with a simple and honest vision - to reimagine pet items through the context of a shared home. Our goal is to provide products that both humans and our four-legged friends can delight in, by combining versatile utility with a strong sense of style. Here, you can find something that you and your cat will equally adore.

For Them & US.

Modern, mindful, and meaningful.

Designed for pets and owners, blending animal behavior and tasteful living.

A Charitable Appraoch

Sincere intentions drive pewos.

We support animal welfare through partnerships and donations.

Care Where WE Live.

We are part of our environment.

To secure our future, we must unite to protect our shared home.

Unbounded by Limits.

Be like our furry friends.

Embrace curiosity, courage, and playfulness. It transforms our world.