Shipping to Switzerland is currently carried out via the provider, which, in addition to the delivery, also takes care of customs clearance and taxation for you.

To do this, you must register for free at before ordering in our shop. After registering, will give you an email address and the corresponding delivery address, with which you can then order directly from Pewos at the shipping prices applicable for Germany. 

Pewos delivers to the shipping address of, further delivery to your delivery address in Switzerland including correct customs clearance is carried out via for an additional fee (*):

Per shipment) up to max. 100x60x60cm, 10kg and 3 items, including customs clearance, customs duties and postage CHF 17.90
Surcharge)  Shipments with more than 3 items, from the 4th item per item CHF 4.90
Surcharge) Shipments over 10kg to 20kg CHF 9.90
Surcharge) Shipments over 20kg to 30kg CHF 19.90
Surcharge) Shipments over 30kg to 35kg CHF 29.90
Surcharge) Bulky goods from 100x60x60 cm, up to a max. 400cm girth, max. 2.20m length CHF 29.90
Surcharge) Shipments >35kg or over bulky goods mass upon request
Processing of returns, per item, plus domestic postage CHF 9.90

*As of May 2024, please refer to website for updated details about fees and delivery conditions of here.

When ordering via, the goods must always and ONLY be paid directly to Pewos using one of the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal

Please note that not all goods from Germany may be imported into Switzerland; you can find a list of currently banned goods here.

Are you already a registered Pewos customer and would now like to have your next order delivered via Then please contact our customer service